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 Beachcicles ...when sand and sea meet in Winter!


Beachcicles are handcrafted glass sculptures from your favorite beach, labeled for authenticity. Hang a group indoors by a window, on a Christmas tree or tall plant - - anywhere bright to watch the indoor reflective light show!

In Winter, icicles form with suspended sand on beach pilings, jetties and rocks creating "Beachcicles".  Glass artist Carasmiths saw the beauty in layering a sprinkle of sand with fused glass as a way to preserve that frozen-in-time look, plus adds mermaid "kisses" for extra shimmer.  

Each Beachcicles is molded, carved and kiln fused in our Delmarva studio. This hand intensive process captures beach memories all year-round and takes significant time plus attention to detail. Beachcicles are unique pieces of art available in limited quantity runs.          

UPDATE!  Mon Oct 30 10AM, all beaches available at !  


Eclectic Fenwick Island is our retail fulfillment partner for Delaware & Maryland beaches. Please follow Instagram & Facebook to stay connected on availability announcements!  

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Beachcicles made with YOUR sand from YOUR beach visit --- great for weddings, anniversaries and other events!  

Beachcicles make unique wedding favors for your Beach-themed wedding or events--inquire for group rates!

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