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The Story

Memorial (Cremains) Jewelry is very personal. The process itself requires unparalleled attention to design and detail, as well as reverence and respect.

Carasmiths has been committed to our signature collection EternaMemories for 15 years. As a jewelry and glass artisan, our focus on 'memories' commissions has been a heartfelt and rewarding decision. We pioneered a unique process of adding cremains (ashes) to art glass which includes imagery and celebrates the life of your loved ones.


How It Began  A friend passed suddenly, and we considered several memorial ideas for his wife. He was cremated, and traditionally cremains (ashes) are stored in memorial urns or sacredly scattered. We learned about compressing cremains into man-made diamonds -- a lovely tribute, but beyond the reach of many people. So with the encouragement and advice of my engineer husband and glass artist friends, I created what's referred to as a cremains memorial cabochon in molten art glass...and EternaMemories began. The results were fantastic, but more rewarding was actually presenting the pendant to our friend and how it made her feel. 

The original "EternaMemories"

Overwhelmingly the response we receive is that "EternaMemories offers a sense of peace". We began using the same design process to memorialize pets, and then added Touchstones as a way for families and friends to share EternaMemories as a hand held pocket stone at life celebrations beyond traditional funerals, including birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.  A Bride carries her Grandfather 'with her' in her Touchstones are shared with family...our commissions have been many and meaningful.  We now also offer larger glass “paintings” in our Panels section.

Carasmiths EternaMemories art glass memorial jewelry for pets
Carasmiths EternaMemories art glass memorial jewelry for weddings, anniversaries and other special occassions
Carasmiths EternaMemories art glass memorial jewelry for weddings

Memorial jewelry and art is a growing trend. It's important to note that not all cremains objet d’art are created the same. Carasmiths handcrafts custom EternaMemories through client feedback one-at-a-time. As an independent studio, we focus on each commission as if it were our own family. A distinctive and differentiating element of our process is that cremains are embedded within the glass so that they are visible to beholders but not overwhelmingly obvious. For you, the cherisher, this means a tasteful and elegantly designed memorial for wear, display or keeping.  


EternaMemories indeed start decide if and how to tell the story.

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Ours is a customer-focused, sensitive process beginning with the initial client conversation. At Carasmiths, we understand that you’ve entrusted us with a commission to honor your beloved, whether a family member, friend or pet. We start by gathering your selected color and image choices for your EternaMemories Pendant or Touchstone which will be handcrafted in art glass.


Glass is a truly reflective canvas that allows for so many creative inclusions. We will permanently encase cremains (ashes) within your chosen art glass design.  For situations that may not allow for cremains inclusion, we can use a favorite garden flower, beach sand, a swatch of 100% cotton cloth or a few strands of hair for encasement using a unique process. Like cremains, these appear as subtle inclusions (markings) in your final piece. Only you will know what the inclusions represent as they will be visible but subdued, but if you prefer, we can create EternaMemories without cremains, just imagery. 

The Process

After you select and complete your purchase, a Collection Kit will be expedited to you via USPS including instructions on how to submit cremains to us. This relatively simple process requires only a small amount of cremains (the size of an aspirin) but if you prefer, cremains collection may be facilitated by your funeral service. The Collection Kit will include everything needed to submit your ordered items, including a summary you may choose to provide our artist about your loved one to guide the creative process. 


Within 2-4 weeks of receipt of your collection kit, Carasmiths will ship your EternaMemories order in secure, trackable USPS packaging. 


How to Order

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Questions?  Check out our FAQ  section.  

If you need assistance, please email us.

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