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Caco Smith owner of Carasmiths EternaMemories


It’s the dreaming that’s real

Founder Caco Smith creates art and jewelry from glass, metal and vintage discardia in a style best described as ‘contemporary vintage with a hint of bohemian’. Carasmiths specializes in custom amulets and miniature portraits, each with their own tale to tell.


Drawing and design study at Barnstone Studios, goldsmithing at The Baum School of Art and metal-casting and glasswork training at the Banana Factory Cultural Arts Center provide a solid foundational blueprint to utilize throughout the crafting of each piece, ensuring its quality and longevity.


Carasmiths methodology is self-owned and sincere -- every creation richly personal and authentic. Between concept and completion are several visits to the saw, the grinder and the kiln.  Using glass, found items, silver, gold and other precious metals, each individual piece is custom crafted. The result is lovingly fashioned, wearable art awash with rich color and personality.

EternaMemories by Carasmiths memorial art glass and jewelry is an exquisite offering that celebrates the memory of a loved one. Drawing on the same skills utilized in our jewelry and home goods lines, EternaMemories pendants and touchstones make ideal memorials for friends and families at life celebrations, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.  


Carasmiths.  As beautiful and unique as the kindred spirit who’s home it’s found. Stop back regularly as you never know what’s in store.

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