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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Art/Fused glass?


Glass utilized by Carasmiths starts off as either a specialty sheet of art glass or rod. Glass is a liquid, and when it's carefully heated in the flame of a torch or in a kiln (brick ovens similar to the ones that ceramic artists use) it flows like honey and fuses with other glass before slowly returning to room temperature. This process takes place multiple times during your commission. Bringing the glass back to room temperature after shaping and finishing creates durability and requires experience in kiln-annealing to protect art glass for long wear or display.


What are EternaMemories?


Memorial art glass creations that are permanently embedded with human or pet ashes (cremains) during the design process. 


Why use glass?


Glass, as a medium, is ideal for shaping and sculpting and creates a stunning backdrop for unique designs.  EternaMemories Pendants and Touchstones also feel warm when worn and to the touch. As memorial glass jewelry art is a growing trend, it’s important to note that not all cremains objet d’art is created the same. Carasmiths studio has been designing EternaMemories for many years, before it gained recent popularity. We handcraft each custom piece through client feedback -- one-at-a-time -- and a distinctive and differentiating element of our process is that cremains are embedded within the glass so that they are visible to beholders but not overwhelmingly obvious. For you, the cherisher, this means a tasteful and elegantly designed memorial for wear, display or keeping. You decide if and how to share the story.


Must cremains be used?


We recognize that not everyone prefers to or can provide human or pet cremains for the design process. EternaMemories can be commissioned using some organic material----a swatch of 100% cotton from a favorite piece of clothing or personal item, non-succulent leaves, flower petals or grass blades from a garden, sand from a beach or hair. These form a "relief" using a unique process, and when kilned, disappear leaving gentle but visible inclusions within the final work. You may also choose not to include any cremains or medium in your commission and select only an image.  


How are cremains or other inclusions sent/received/handled?


Upon full payment, a pre-addressed Collection Kit will be mailed to you which serves to initiate your commission with Carasmiths. Follow the simple collection and mailing instructions. Should you prefer, your funeral service may help you gather cremains for shipment back to Carasmiths — we’re happy to assist you in this conversation by phone or email. Each Collection Kit received is labeled for authenticity and tracking. Upon completion of your commission, unused cremains are returned with your order, postage included with your purchase for a single mailing address.


How long does it take to receive my order?


Estimated receipt of your commissioned order is 2-4 weeks from return of your Collection Kit at Carasmiths. Larger custom orders/timelines are quoted as received along with email updates. Expedited delivery may be available for an additional fee.


Not sure?


Overwhelmingly people say EternaMemories offer a sense of peace, especially when worn. We have many testimonials throughout our website from people over the years, but in short, nothing can replace the person or pet lost. EternaMemories provides a tactile, visual closeness that celebrates your loved one and if preferred, may be ordered without any embedded cremains or medium.    


Can EternaMemories be ordered in quantity?


Each art glass piece will differ slightly due to the handmade process and glass heating reactions. EternaMemories PENDANTS are multidimensional in color layers and created like a painting. We welcome quantity orders with your knowledge that Pendants will compliment each other but not be identical.  As TOUCHSTONES are single glass colors, we offer quantity discounts making them magnificent memorials for family and friends at life celebrations including weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. See product descriptions for details.


Still have questions?


We welcome them, simply email us.



Return Policy and Care


All work completed is inspected prior to careful packaging for shipment. Please contact us in the unlikely event of transit damage so that a claim can be initiated. 


Commissions that include cremains cannot be returned. For damage and repair, please contact us.


How do I care for Glass designs?


Carasmiths designs for your long wear and enjoyment. We carefully inspect our work before it comes home to you, but of course, glass is glass:


  • Although durable, dropping any glass on the floor will most likely result in cracks, especially if done repeatedly. Avoid this by putting on your jewelry where there is a soft landing -- away from hard floors and counters.

  • Wiping glass beads with a soft damp cloth will keep your jewelry, beads and home goods shiny, no need for and please do not use harsh detergents or cleaners.

  • Hard wearing of glass jewelry is not recommended. Remove your Carasmiths jewelry before engaging in contact sports, intense activities or bathing/water.

  • Hand wash Carasmiths home goods items. Your piece is an investment: ornate, custom shaped or fused from art or recycled glass so you'll want to avoid the dishwasher. And of course, art glass and ovens/microwaves are not compatible.


How do I care for Metal designs?


Metals used in our designs are clearly identified on each piece featured. We use high end gold and silver electroplated bails for our EternaMemories Pendants.  We also use .925 sterling silver for our jewelry, as well as bronze and copper. Precious metals can last a lifetime if stored properly, with minimal cleaning required. For instance, the sterling standard refers to .925 grade of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The copper keeps your silver in shape and adds worries, you don't see the copper in .925 sterling. Even though sterling wears well, these do's and don'ts apply to most precious metals: 


  • Bejewel yourself after lotions, hairspray, make-up, and perfumes are dry. Remove your jewelry when swimming and for other activities where moisture or contact could cause damage.

  • Don't stretch your jewelry. Sterling is resilient, but if you pull your bracelets or earring out of shape or are consistently hard on your treasures, eventually they'll snap or break. Bracelet bangles should be twisted from side to side just a bit prior to placing them on the side of your wrist from the thinnest point (vs. just pulling the bracelet open over the top of your wrist) to ensure longest wear.

  • Polishing cloths, inexpensive and available at retail stores and online, are great for quick shines. Never EVER dunk, dip or lather your silver with silver cleaner. Doing so will remove any purposely placed oxidation (that black highlighting in your jewelry that was put there purposely) and possibly ruin stones and/or beads.

  • To remove light dirt or tarnish, use a small amount of mild liquid detergent added to a 1/2 cup of warm water and rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid harsh cleaners that could damage the polish on stones or glass beads. Before storing silver, dry completely with a soft cloth.

  • To keep tarnish to a minimum, store your silver in a cloth pouch separate from other metals. Tip: Those little silica packets often found in shoe boxes are great to keep in your jewelry box or pouch to minimize tarnish...of course you know that these should not get into the paws of children or pets!

  • Storing your sterling silver in the open air and humidity for extended periods of time can cause it to tarnish quickly. Tarnish first appears as a gold/brown type hue and then turns might like it this way, and we actually force many of our pieces to achieve this look with darkening agents. Oxidization is normal and comes from the moisture in the air, the sun, and multiplies rapidly if you wear your silver in or near water which is not recommended. Anti tarnish strips and storage bags are a great way to protect your investment. 

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